How great is this idea? This will definitely get the thumbs up from all the kiddo's, cuz it's extremely high on the "eeeeeeewwwwwww" factor! And it's one of those great ideas that I wish I would have thought of!

Band-Aid Treats are super-easy and super-fast to make. (I promise)

All you need to do is get some cinnamon graham crackers, a can of white frosting, and some red gel-icing.

For a project like this, doing everything in assembly-line-fashion might be the best way. Snap the graham crackers into Band-Aid size pieces. Lay them side-by-side in your work area.

Get the frosting and a butter knife. Spread a square in the center of all the graham crackers. (It also might be a good idea to have a wet paper towel on hand. This way if you smear your design, or are having trouble making the square the correct size, you can wipe it off, without too much difficulty.)

Once all the graham crackers have had the frosting put on, go down the line, using the red gel-icing, making a glob in the center to look like a bloody Band-Aid.

Don't forget when setting out your treats, to include the Band-Aid box on your display. And for more great gross-out food ideas, check out Katherine Marie's Gross-Ology Menu!

Now stand back and wait for the screams to follow!