For today's post I want to show you some really cool tablescapes that I found while surfing the web!

Over the last few weeks, I've given you some really great recipe ideas, and who doesn't love party food? After all, it's one of the best things about a good party.

Think about it.....The food is where everyone gravitates to at any party, so really make it stand out. Regardless of your party there are only two types, a buffet or a sit-down table. Here are some ideas to get you off and running towards your nearest craft store.

A buffet is great for children's parties or if you are hosting a large adult party.... and decorating a food table is always fun. A groan-ups' Halloween buffet table complete with tantalizing treats and decadent decor or this fa-boo-lous feast. A whimsical buffet complete with yummy mummy dogs and spiderweb soup will tickle the bones of all present. And Martha Stewart's sweet-laden table is terrifying yet tantalizing.

Check out this awesome site to get more crafty ideas!