Looking for something to take to the neighbor’s Halloween party or to send to your kids away at college? Or perhaps you want to mail your grandkids a gift for the spooktacular holiday ahead? Whatever you crave, these delicious chocolate covered candy apples are sure to be a home run.

There’s just something about autumn, apples, and candy—that I never get tired of! Each confection is handmade with a combination of festive orange and dark chocolate drizzle (No bobbing required).I think they're a pretty sweet gift for nearly every Halloween happening.

I thought these were so incredible, I wanted to place an order! But it seems that they 're temporarily out of this product.

So that got me to thinking.....I bet that we could make a pretty cool variation of this pretty candy apple. I bet if you dipped them in (orange) chocolate or carmel, (let them dry) then drizzled them with chocolate, and tied 'em up all pretty with some orange and black ribbons... they would look this great too!

But maybe you'll get lucky and they'll be back in stock soon! Click here for more information!